How to make a perfect allergy medicine list?

If you are suffering from the symptoms of allergy you will surely want to get out of it and for this the allergy medicine list is very much important. You should know about the various pills, liquids and spray which can be useful to treat various kinds of allergies. You should list allergy drugs to get the best result. You should also make list of prescription allergy medicine.

allergy medicine list

Use Antihistamines in allergy medicine list:

For different kinds of nasal allergies you should include this in the allergy medicine list. This medicine is found in the pill form over the counter. It will help you to get relief from the runny nose. It will also give you relief from the congestion of the nose. As a result you will be able to breathe easily. This medicine is also quite good for watery eyes or swelling, hives etc. Some of the antihistamines can cause drowsiness. So, whenever you think of taking Antihistamines you should check for those pills which will not cause drowsiness.

Antihistamine eye drops are also available in the market. If you have swollen, red and itchy eyes then these eye drops can surely give you relief. In these drops you can get the combination of antihistamines and some other necessary drugs. Antihistamine is also available as a nasal spray which will help you to get relief from nasal allergy. You should surely know how to list allergy drugs.


When you have allergy one of the most common symptoms is inflammation and in this case steroids can help you a lot to have relief to huge extent. You need to take the steroid in proper amount through various sprays or pills. However, generally you need prescription to use these medicines. The spray of this medicine will help you to get relief from sneezing or stuffiness of the nose.

There are plenty of inhalers available in the market with steroids. These inhalers are generally used to treat asthma. The steroid reduces the effect of the allergens in your body and thus you get relief from the allergy like Asthma. Sometimes the steroids are also used as drops to get relief in eye allergy. If your eye has become red, swollen or itchy and the other medicines are not coming into work then you can surely take steroid as an option which can provide you relief. So, Corticosteroids will surely be in the allergy medicine list. You should include steroid in list of prescription allergy medicine.

You can also buy steroid creams available in the market. These creams are helpful in case of skin allergies and can give you instant relief from the skin allergy sometimes. Some of the steroid creams can be bought from the market without any kind of prescription. It can give you relief from irritations like redness, itching, scaling and others. This can be perfect as skin allergy medicine.


Sometimes the allergy in your nose creates congestion in the nose and you want to get instant relief from that. In that case Decongestants can come into your work. If you have hay fever and the congestion in your nose is causing problem for you then you can take oral decongestants to get relief from that.  If you have sinus and the nasal congestion is caused by that then also decongestant sprays will do a very good job.

It will give you relief from the congestion. However, you should use this medicine for a short period of time. After using it for consecutive three days you should definitely talk to the doctor regarding the allergy so that you can get the ultimate solution. However it should surely be an option in your allergy medicine list. You can consider this medicine as one of the best medicine for allergies.

Mast cell stabilizer medicine:

There are some chemicals generated by the immune system of your body which can cause allergic reaction. These medicines will stop the release of such chemicals and as a result of this you will get relief from various allergies. You can take these drugs as safe options but you have to use these medicines for longer time to get the best result of it. This is the best medicine for allergies if you want a safe medicine to take.

You can get the nasal spray of this medicine and at the same time you can get eye drops when you want to use this medicine for your eye allergy. There are some of the eye drops available in the market of this kind which will only be given with a prescription. Nasal sprays are generally available over the counter. This can also be used as skin allergy medicine.

If you make an allergy medicine list then these options should always be there in that list. However, you should also know about all sorts of side effects also associated with these medicines so that you can use these medicines in a proper way.


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